Is Cam Akers The RB1 of the Rams? Where Should I Draft Cam Akers For Fantasy Football?

Cam Akers had the look of a certain fantasy RB1 going into the 2021 season, but Akers suffered a tear in his Achilles tendon, 

which kept him out until the 18th week during the normal season which saw him carry the ball five times, for just three yards.

It was quite shocking to witness Akers make his return the way he did, however, it's not a huge surprise that he wasn't 100% after his return to the field. 

In the postseason, Akers' average was 2.6 yards for each carry. 

He was unable to find the finish zone during their Super Bowl run despite handling the equivalent of 67 carries in that time.

Then, Akers has another full offseason of recovery and appears set to have a more productive year in the Rams with their powerful offense.

Reports from training camp suggest that Akers, as well as Darrell Henderson Jr., have been split 50-50 in the first-team workouts in team practices.

Akers could be considered to become"the "RB1" of the Rams 

however, that's not to say that Henderson isn't likely to take significant playing time from Henderson, who was an ex- Florida State star.