It's amazing to see how much Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson makes per Instagram post

Celebrity Net Worth reveals that the wrestler-turned-actor and entrepreneur has a net worth of more than $800 million -- and, like many celebrities,

part of that net worth comes from how much he gets paid from making sponsored social media posts.

The most remarkable thing about this net worth is the fact that it has doubled in less then a year.

"Cristiano Rondo is the number one pick on the list, with $2.39m per post, an increase of 49% since last year.

Kylie Jenner is in second place, having jumped from fourth in 2021 with a 22% rise in her earnings.

Their report showed that the top 10 list earns on average 27% more per posting on the platform this year than 2021.

HopperHQ reports that Dwayne Johnson, "The Rock", earns $1,712,000 per Instagram sponsored post, making him the sixth highest-paid celebrity on the platform.

According to the outlet, he has 325 million Instagram followers as of writing.

Beyonce is the only Black celebrity to be on this so-called "Instagram Rich" List. Beyonce is ranked No. She is ranked 8th on the list.