Ja Morant said he 'would've prepared' Michael Jordan on the court

The Memphis Grizzlies are a confident team.

Ask to the Golden State Warriors. The NBA champions probably got their toughest challenge in their playoffs 

from an Grizzlies team that displayed zero resistance or respect in their second-round match in May.

Of course, no one is more certain more so than Ja Morant. For example, his remarks on Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks on Sunday. 

When asked what he would have to say in an hypothetical interview in a hypothetical conversation with Michael Jordan, 

Morant said that he would be grateful to Michael Jordan for being an NBA icon for his role in inspiring an entire new generation of players. 

Additionally Morant said that Morant claimed that he "would've cooked" him on the court.

"I wish I would have played in his generation," Morant stated. " ... I'd like to play him. I'd have cooked him as well. There was no one with more confidence than 12."

Morant's remarks prompted pearl-clutching in certain parts of the world of sports commentary. It's to be expected.