Jada Pinkett was jealous of Margot Robbie after she said that Will Smith had a big package

Will Smith and Leonardo Dicaprio: Who has made it big down there? Margot Robbie knows the answer. 

When she was pressed to the wall during an interview, Robbie revealed that both Will and Leonardo were well-endowed.

Margot Robbie was once faced with the decision between Leonardo DiCaprio or Will Smith. 

The film Focus was co-produced by Will Smith and the actress. 

Leonardo DiCaprio has also seen her onscreen, most notably in The Wolf of Wall Street and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Margot Robbie was promoting Focus 2015 in 2015. 

Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio were both asked which actor was more hot, Will Smith or Leonardo DiCaprio, during a press conference. His co-star was not pleased.

"I cannot answer that!" she declared. She declared, "I can't win in either direction." Will Smith insisted and she continued.

They actually share a few commonalities. Margot Robbie stated that they have very cute profiles.