James Bond boss recalls meeting with Amy Winehouse as 'distressing'

Barbara Broccoli, James Bond's boss, attended a "distressing” meeting with Amy Winehouse about the theme song for Quantum Of Solace.

She said that it was a very distressing meeting. Winehouse was not at her best, and her heart truly went out to her.

She said that Amy was fragile emotionally, and you could understand how she was able to create such powerful material. Her deep feelings were very tragic.

"What an amazing talent, what an unbelievable voice, what a remarkable person she was, and it was very, very sad."

Jack White and Alicia Keys were eventually given the theme tune job. They recorded 'Another Way to Die" as Bond's first duet.

Later, Mark Ronson, her former producer partner, revealed that they had recoded a demo to the Bond theme. However it was never finished.

At the time, he said that he had worked on it but never completed it. It won't happen unless it is recorded and someone sings on it.

Amy may not be ready to start working on music.

Amy, who had been battling addiction for many years, died three years later, at the age 27.