James Harden celebrates "$109 Million" for 3 Years with a wild night at the Hamptons

James Harden is stirring up rumors. He declined his $47.7M player option and will now sign for $109 Million for 3 years.

In today's world, whisper deals are not possible. There is so much chatter in the league that it's impossible to keep any piece of news secret for very long.

The news comes from Philadelphia. James Harden was last night seen at an all-white party in Hamptons.

He was seen with Travis Scott, Meek Mill and Drake in a joyful mood. Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxiey were also there.

They were instrumental in the playoffs last year. They didn't have long-term success but they are determined to do it again this year.

PJ Tucker was also seen at the party, along with other 76ers players. It appears that PJ could also be in contention to become a free agent for the 76ers.

Rumors have it that James Harden will sign a three-year deal worth $109 million with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Rumors had already circulated that Harden was visiting Hamptons to meet with the owners of the 76ers regarding a possible new deal. Those talks may have been successful.

Harden is a reason to celebrate and even took a pay cut. This is quite respectable for someone who really wants to win.