James Harden wants $10 million for his famous beard to disappear from the planet

James Harden is one of the top athletes earning money across the globe.

"The Beard" is a genuine NBA star and has achieved fame with his sport. 

Harden was part of the exciting young Thunder team and achieved stardom as a member of his team, the Houston Rockets.

In Houston, The Beard matured to become one of the greatest scorers that the league has ever had.

His step-back threes and long-range shots were legendary.

As he honed an arsenal of tricks the player did earn his glory as well. 

Harden was awarded a number of giant contracts in the course of his MVP-level performances and he bagged himself an enormous bag.

Harden was always to be asked whether he would like to go without a beard. His response was not surprising at all.

Harden stated that he would be able to grow it all over again, but subject to one condition that he must receive a minimum payment of $10 million to cover it.