Javier Bardem landed the Major Villain role in Marvel

Marvel Studio has begun to recruit the big guns now that Phase Four is fully underway.

There are reports that everyone, from Margot Robbie to Ryan Gosling, is looking to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But this one seems to be the most exciting. Our trusted sources have confirmed that Javier Bardem,

a Spanish actor, has joined Marvel. He will be playing a key role as a villain.

Although Javier Bardem could play many different roles as a Marvel Cinematic Universe antagonist

we will speculate that he will be playing Nathaniel Essex better known as Mister Sinister.

Mister Sinister is a more important role than Javier Bardem if he is to be introduced into Marvel as a villain.

Although the character has yet to appear in a live-action movie, he was mentioned in a few Fox X-Men-related movies

such as X-Men Dark Phoenix, The New Mutants and Deadpool 2.