Jennifer Garner's rare public appearance with her son Samuel

It's not often Jennifer Garner makes a public appearance with her son, 10, Samuel.

It was truly a treat to witness the pair in one place during the Pacific Palisades Fourth of July Parade in Los Angeles on Monday.

Garner was named the Grand Marshall of the Parade, and the two sat at the rear of a red convertible sporting matching shirts that said: "Let Freedom Ring."

Garner seemed to be smiling all the time while she danced with the crowd. She also showed Samuel the love of her life with hug and hand bumps.

Samuel isn't often seen at events that are public for an entirely rational reason. Garner told Doctor.

Oz back in 2016 that Samuel doesn't feel at ease around paparazzi. "It's a shame because I have a 4-year-old son and of all my kids, he hates them the most -- he hates them," she explained.

"And every time he is in front of the cameras, which happens all the time the kid says, 'I do not like the way you're doing it.. Two things I dislike, my mom.

I'm not a fan of cameras. I don't enjoy men who have cameras and I don't like being taken advantage of. I don't like when I think people are laughing with me. '"

Garner's reaction to her son's concern? "I declare, 'I'm in keep from laughing at you' even though he's so funny but we need to discuss how they aren't able to harm you.