Jennifer Lopez reveals which phrase she uses most often in Spanish

Jennifer Lopez is enjoying one of her best moments, both professionally and personally.

Lopez released her Netflix documentary, Halftime, on Netflix. Lopez wanted to share more of her private life in order to keep her fans close. 

JLo is now sharing some details about her passion for Latin culture.

The star of 'Marry Me" opened a section on her social media networks called 'Sin Filtro (No Filter), 

which allows her to get in touch with her fans and reveal some information that is not widely known about her.

The clip quickly became viral on social media and JLo is seen talking about her favorite dish, 

something she enjoys but few people know about, as well as her favourite Spanish phrase.

This caused some controversy among her fans because it isn't particularly cute or subtle.

Lopez didn't hesitate to declare that she loves to use the phrase "callate la Boca" [shut the mouth] but that it isn't a phrase normally used in happy moments.