Jennifer Lopez teased her new project in different Bikinis

Jennifer Lopez never stops working, even during summer,

regardless of whether she's releasing new music or premiering a Netflix document.

Lopez's most recent Instagram showed that she is a multi-hyphenate who combines the best of vacation (bikinis) with her crazy work ethic.

Lopez posted a video to her IG grid and Story on Tuesday.

It featured Lopez dancing in sexy swimwear to Pitbull's 2014 cover of "Dat Sexy Body", originally by Sasha.

J.Lo is seen wearing sexy one-pieces and bikinis, as well as sky-high heels.

The caption to the  clip read "#SummerOfBooty@JLoBeauty" Although it is not clear what the secret project might be,

it seems likely that it is tied to her beauty brand as she has tagged the company on Instagram. Of course, multitasking superstar Lopez still allows for some play.

Lopez was recently in New York with her fiancé Ben Affleck, who is currently on the set for an untitled project about Nike executives.