Jennifer Lopez was rejected by an Argentine dressmaker

Jennifer Lopez is an icon in the world of film and music in Latin culture as well as across the world. 

This means that Jennifer Lopez is a legend. Bronx Diva has worn clothes from the most prestigious fashion labels across the globe. 

Even though she's encountered the designer's unfriendly

This is what happened to Roberto Piazza, an Argentine designer. 

In an interview with TV America in Argentina, Roberto Piazza explained why on one occasion, she was able to decide that JLo wouldn't wear one of his gowns.

Roberto Piazza collaborated in a showroom that was devoted to dressing famous people. 

According to PEOPLE magazine, it was during this particular event that Jennifer Lopez's staff contacted Roberto Piazza.

The intention was to buy the design, however, with a few modifications: "She wanted a chiffon dress: divine chiffon, very retro, very Hollywood, very tight but lined. 

She wanted the same dress but for me to remove all the lining ".

Jennifer Lopez has never had an issue showing any part of her body clothing. In spite of her being frequently referred to in magazines as a beautiful and stylish woman, the fashion designer rejected the idea.