Jimmy Kimmel reveals how Andrew Garfield became a real-life Spider-Man in order to save him from being a victim at the Emmys

American comedian and host of TV Jimmy Kimmel recently showered praises on Andrew Garfield 

while revealing how the actor became a an actual 'Spider-Man' after keeping him alive during the 2022 Emmys.

According to media reports, Jimmy Kimmel during the opening monologue of his late-night program explained the story of how Andrew was able to sneak into a risky incident.

He claimed that prior to the beginning of the awards ceremony, it was an musical number that featured theme songs from TV shows. 

Then, the songs from 'Game Of Thrones' played, and dancers wearing spears appeared.

"About half way through the show when the tip of one spear is thrown from the handle directly towards us at the tables," added Jimmy, 

who sat at the Emmys Table alongside Andrew, Amanda Seyfried and Jeremy Allen White, as per media reports.

He added, "Out of nowhere, and I swear to God this happened, Andrew Garfield lunges forward and snatches it out of the air, like Spider-Man."