Joe Rogan's Daughter Joins Abortion Debate to Shut Down Guest

Joe Rogan's podcast studio was tense as he challenged one guest about his position on abortion rights and/or rape. 

He made his point even more personal by mentioning his child.

The Joe Rogan Experience host had a lengthy and open conversation with Seth Dillon (founder and CEO of The Babylon Bee), his guest.

Online, viewers are discussing a clip of Rogan and Wade discussing abortion rights. 

Rogan is largely praised by viewers for his stance and willingness to take his guest to task.

The two men reached an impasse over the issue of abortions and women's right to have them.

"There are women who were raped and should not be forced to f ******* have a rapist's child. 

Rogan stated that there are women who were sexually assaulted prior to the age 14

Dillon stated that "There are people who were raped and are still alive today, and they are pro-life."