Johnny Depp And Tim Burton Working On New Project Together

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with each other. 

Depp has been in a number of Burton films, however, their working relationship seemed to have diminished in the last few times. 

Perhaps it's because of be the result of the controversy that resulted from Depp sueing his former wife Amber Heard. 

The result was Depp won a defamation case which almost made him a the limelight. 

We have now, thanks to our trusted and verified sources, we are able to confirm the following: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are currently working on a new project in collaboration.

Recent rumors suggest the possibility that Johnny Depp could be appearing in the Tim Burton Addams Family reboot Wednesday. 

The show has revealed Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday and Pugsley. 

But, there are a number of major characters that haven't yet appeared in the trailers for the forthcoming Netflix series. 

One is Uncle Fester. This role was played by the skilled Christopher Lloyd, but Depp is also an excellent actor who can play the role.