Johnny Depp has a new tattoo on his arm: What was it that his tattoos look like?

This actor has already got 37 tattoos

In the year 1995 Johnny Depp discussed his many tattoos and emphasized that each of them represented different aspects of his life.

The actor has since added another one and captured the process in an online video that he posted on his social media profiles. 

The site of the brand new tattoo is on the left side of his wrist.

"For me, it's like a diary: they all represent different moments in my life," Depp said to The Washington Post.

"If you see them, that's one thing, but if I explain them to you, it would be like walking you through my diary."

Depp remembers his first tattoo when he was 17 when he was trying to create the band in the interview.

"I was a high school dropout, who got his first tattoo at 17, who played rock and roll. 

That was just the chain of events," said Depp who has since recorded many important events in his life via tattoos.