Johnny Depp is doing great. But is he still dating this gorgeous redhead?

Johnny Depp was photographed with a redhead bombshell while on tour with Jeff Beck to promote his album "18".

Both were photographed together without their knowledge, and even though they didn't show any affection publicly, it is possible that there were some hints.

Both were seen going to rehearsals, so it was probably smoke. There have been romantic attributions to Hollywood, but nine times out of ten everything turns out to be a hoax.

People speculated that Johnny Depp was in a relationship with Camille Vazquez while the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial was ongoing.

However, it turned out to just be a hoax as Camille was already involved in a number of relationships with successful businessmen.

Camille has remained focused on her career since then.

Vasquez will remain focused on her career.

This was apparent in a statement that followed the announcement of the promotion.

Vasquez declared, "I am thrilled that Brown Rudnick gave me its full confidence by having me join it,"