Johnny Depp's Triple-Canceled Movie Is Streaming For Free 

Johnny Depp seems poised for his complete career recovery. 

After many years in the Hollywood wilds, Disney has brought Captain Jack Sparrow back to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride 

has started production on a movie in which he is one of the most horrible Kings of France.

As case after matter seems to disappear with Johnny Depp, things seem to be finally going well for the well-known superstar.

One of his previous films is unique in that it features three main characters who were canceled at the time in their professional careers. 

The film can be described as The Ninth Gate, a 1999 supernatural thriller with Johnny Depp and disgraced actor Frank Langella, directed by the famous European Director Roman Polanski.

The Ninth Gate stars Johnny Depp as Dean Corso, a somewhat suspicious rare book dealer, who is employed to work for Boris Balkan who is a more shady and wealthy, and mysterious collector. 

Frank Langella has come into possession of a book called The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows which is believed to can call upon Satan himself

It appears that there are three versions of this book that are available but only one is genuine.