Of the many PGA Tour golfers who have declared their opinion on the sponsorship of Saudi Arabia for the LIV Golf series

Jon Rahm has made it very obvious where he is.

"I do see the appeal that everybody sees towards LIV Golf," Rahm said Rahm during June. 

"I have a look at some of the arguments and points can be made on the reasons the reason why they're more popular. 

In truth, a portion of the tournament is not attractive to me. 

Three days of a shotgun to me is not an event for golfers. 

There is not even a cut. It's as simple as that. 

I'd like to play the top players in the world and in a format that has been played for centuries. This is what I'd like to experience."

Many things have happened in the world of golf since then, and a lot of his fellow players have made the move to LIV Golf.