Jordan Peterson Breaks Down in Tears When Asked About Olivia Wilde Calling Him a 'Hero to the Incel Community

Jordan Peterson broke down in tears during an interview with "Piers Morgan Uncensored" (via Mediaite) 

when she was asked about Olivia Wilde referring to him as "a hero to the incel community."

Wilde appeared on the "Don't Worry Darling" press tour when she disclosed to Interview Magazine that Chris Pine's villainous character in the movie, Frank, is based on Peterson.

Wilde called Peterson "this pseudo-intellectual hero of members of the community known as an incel. "Sure. Why not?" 

Peterson told Piers Morgan when Piers Morgan asked him if Wilde's opinion of him was accurate.

"You know that people have been chasing me for a long time because I've spoken to discontented young males..

"Peterson went on to break down in tears and stated "It's extremely difficult to comprehend how demoralized people can be as a whole, and I'm sure that a lot of young men fall into that group. 

There are all kinds of casual insults and these incels - what does that mean? They aren't sure how to present themselves to women that are particular, and that is good for them.