Julia Fox is clearing the controversy surrounding her controversial comments regarding children.

On TikTok last week, the mother of one suggested other parents to avoid spending money on their children. 

In contrast, Kanye West's girlfriend from the past urged children to use the help of a miniature mop.

"Because that I'm the mother of a boy specifically I do not want him think that women are cleaning up after him and take care of everything his needs," Fox admitted. 

"I observed that throughout my life, even within my own family, and that isn't the case with me."

She said "the concept of childhood was conceived to encourage parents to shell out many dollars for s-t that's not actually giving your child any knowledge."

Fox continued, and asked viewers to "buy your child an impromptu mop and a mini-broom" to help them learn the basics of life in the early years.

Through her comments, Fox instigated a notion that she was advocating child labor. 

"Oh my God you guys are acting as if I said children ought to be working. It's not my words. I stated that children need to develop skills,"Fox clarified.