Justice Thomas cites the claim that Covid vaccines are created using cells taken from aborted children

In a shrewdly written dissident opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas expressed his support for a false assertion

about the fact that Covid vaccines are created using cells of "aborted children."

His dissent was part of an order by the Supreme Court to not take the case of New York health care workers who were against the state's vaccine requirement on religious grounds.

Thomas in his letter to those who filed suit, stated that health professionals "object" to the state's vaccination obligation "on religious grounds to all

available COVID-19 vaccines because they were developed using cell lines derived from aborted children."

Pfizer and Moderna utilized fetal cells at the beginning of their Covid vaccine development process to evaluate the effectiveness of their formulas, just as other vaccines did been in the past.

The fetal tissues utilized in these processes resulted from elective abortions that took place many years ago.

The cells have reproduced many times, and none of the original tissue is used in the production of the modern vaccines.

It is therefore not the case it is true that Covid vaccines are made with fetal cells, and they do not contain aborted cells.