Kamala Harris Runs for the Hills When Chuck Todd Grills Her

Following President Joe Biden's evening speech in which he declared that Democracy is "under attack,"

Vice-President Kamala Harris was put on the spot regarding Democrats aiding those whom Biden claimed were attacking it. 

In an interview with Meet the Press Sunday, Chuck Todd grilled the vice president on this controversial idea of Democrats 

across the country putting their money into backing up extremist Republicans in their primary elections by buying ads that promote the candidates. 

Certain Democrats have adopted this method since they believe that extremist opposition are easier to beat in primary elections.

Harris started by defending Biden's remarksone that has been criticized as having been too divisive.

"There are some who are currently not in support of the principles of our Democracy," Harris said. "

And I believe we should hope to see that our chief in chief, the president of the United States will speak up

and speak out regarding what this could mean to our nation's strength and future -- and even our integrity.