Kate Beckinsale Sprawled Out On Top Of Lion Statue

We continue our coverage of Kate Beckinsale with a wild animal.

It would be strange if it was someone less charming than the Underworld actress.

We previously saw Kate Beckinsale with a young fox, which looked very British.

This new photo shows her with the lion, one of England's most iconic animals.

This picture is from Kate Beckinsale's Insta: In this photo, Kate Beckinsale can be seen reclining on the back of an lion.

It would seem extremely dangerous. This particular lion is made from stone, so she is likely safe.

Three lions have been the national symbol of England since the 12th Century.

But this is more of a place to pose than a patriotism thing.

Kate Beckinsale, wearing a simple outfit consisting of blue jeans and white t-shirt, is relaxing on the back of the rocky King of Beasts.