Kate Winslet Hospitalised After Suffering Injury

Kate Winslet Hospitalised After Suffering Injury On Sets Of Upcoming Biopic 'Lee'

There was a recent report that Mare of Easttown actor Kate Winslet met with an accident while filming one of her films in the pipeline.

The veteran performer also Academy Award winner Kate Winslet is one of the most renowned English actors

who has earned immense attention and admiration due to her exceptional performance in tv and film series. 

The actress recently won critical praise for her performance on the mini-series Mare of Easttown for which she even received the Primetime Emmy. 

Since the actress has several other projects planned It was reported recently that she had an accident on the set on one of her forthcoming films. 

According to Deadline the news site recently revealed that kate Winslet was involved in injuries while shooting her upcoming film Lee at the time in Croatia.

The incident was reported as the actress fell on the set and was transported to the hospital for a precautionary measure. 

It was also revealed that the actress was well and would be filming for the film in the coming week, per the timetable.