Katherine Schwarzenegger shares a sweet selfie featuring 2-year-old Lyla's adorable curls

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt shares a sweet summer selfie of her daughter Lyla.

The mom of two, Lyla Maria, 32, celebrated the "summer neutrals" weekend with her daughter Lyla Maria, 2.

She took a cute Instagram picture where she held Lyla as they wore light cream-colored sweaters and held the toddler.

Friends and fans loved the matching look and couldn't stop noticing how curly Lyla looks in the photo.

"Those perfect little ringlets! Kelly Rizzo responded in the comments. Liz Castellanos, the makeup artist, added: "Her curls!"

Schwarzenegger Pratt also shares Lyla with Chris Pratt, and her 3-month-old daughter Eloise Christina. Pratt also fathers Jack, 10, and ex-Anna Faris.

In the photo, the author is also wearing two personalized necklaces. One reading "Lyla" and one reading "Eloise".