Kathy Griffin reveals the all-important question she asked Monica Lewinsky about the 2016 presidential election

from Furby as well as Beanie Babie toy crazes to the launch of McDonald's Supersize menu, there's plenty to remember of "The Good Decade."

 However, perhaps the most shocking piece of memory that came out of the popular '90s was the scandal

involving former president Bill Clinton and former White House employee Monica Lewinsky which continues to draw interest to today day.

Now many years later, after the scandal was revealed and widely reported,

renowned Trump comedian and critic Kathy Griffin are dishing about an incident she had with Lewinsky, the former Presidential intern during a gathering at her home.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Griffin disclosed that she had asked Lewinsky to confirm if she had voted with Bill's wife Hillary during her 2016 Presidential election,

in which Lewinsky, who was Secretary of State in the past ran for president against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Considering the fact that Griffin has a long-running relationship with Trump and his family, it makes sense for the 61-year-old comedian to mention his name in her discussion with Lewinsky.

There was a time when Griffin shared a clip of herself with a bloody, severed head intended to portray president Trump when he was in office.