Keanu Reeves Underrated  Movie Released In Black And White

As you imagine Keanu Reeves films, a few of his modern classics spring to thoughts. 

The Matrix Speed, Point Break along with John Wick rank among his most memorable, 

however, Reeves is a veteran of a lengthy career and has several films which have managed to stay beneath the radar. 

One of the films has been deemed to be a bit of a cult classic and is set to receive a fresh look on black and white Johnny Mnemonic from 1995. 

This dystopian science-fiction action film will be released on Blu-ray in August, 

courtesy of Sony Pictures, this time with a black and white presentation to highlight the film's noir-inspired setting.

While Sony hasn't made any official statement, Dawn of the Discs found a listing on the online retailer MovieZyng Warehouse, indicating a release date on August 16 for the Keanu Reeves movie.

According to the description the Blu-ray will include black and white versions of the film, but it's not clear whether the theatrical version of the film will be released.

Extra features are not plentiful with only a featurette and the theatrical trailer. The DVD does come with the DTS 5.1 music track.