Kelly Reilly is the most watched TV star on American TV

The role she plays alongside Kevin Costner in the hit TV Western Yellowstone' has earned her the highest-rated female for her role on American TV. 

She speaks with Amanda Whiting about her journey to fame and the reason Beth Dutton is one of "these huge women" as Medea and Lady Macbeth'

Kelly Reilly: 'I wasn't naturally gifted. I was extremely introverted, extremely shy'

The first time we encounter Beth Dutton - the tough-as-nails, sharp-as-a-tack, mean-as-a-rattlesnake corporate raider played by Kelly Reilly 

on the colossally popular Paramount series Yellowstone - she's going in for the kill.

"I will fire every single f***ing employees," she promises the suit she's threatening with her voice steadily. 

"Then I'll sell your leases as well as your equipment to Chevron at a price of 30 cents per dollar.

And you are going to be the only company to have the privilege of being the only drilling company to fail during the biggest oil boom in the last century."