Kendall Jenner: Recent Brain Scans Confirm She Has Anxiety

Kendall Jenner wants to find out what happens to her sister's brain.

She recently had a brain scan done by a doctor and she revealed to Khloe Kardashian, 26 years old, that she was fascinated.

Kendall explained that the doctor scans your brain, and tells you what it feels like firing. She also said that she was told she has anxiety at 100%. 

It's very interesting. She tells Khloe that she thinks you would enjoy it.

"I am really interested to see your brain, especially after what's happened with Tristan [Thompson]. 

Kendall states that she is interested in seeing her sisters' brains and vows to convince everyone to have theirs scanned. 

According to 818 Tequila founder Kim Kardashian, her brain is probably "overloaded" by all the things she has to deal with every day.

Khloe jokes that Kourtney Kardashian's brain might be filled with Travis Barker and Mickey Mouse.

Kendall said, "It's interesting to take two siblings and be like what similarities do you guys possibly have that might have been passed down."