Kevin Smith says the Boy's Antony Starr deserves an Emmy nomination for Homelander

The Boys' first season didn't make it to the Primetime Emmys,

but the second season managed to be nominated for Outstanding Writing for Drama Series and Outstanding Drama.

Despite not winning either of these awards, it is still considered to be a top-tier series by Hollywood peers and critics as well as audiences and viewers.

The hope that Emmy's love will grow for the show is growing online with season three almost completed.

Kevin Smith is one of the many people who are eager to see Homelander's third season.

He stated that he would like to see Antony Starr, the Homelander actor, win Emmy gold.

"Everyone's like Herogasm!" But it's like fcking this episode where Homelander and Soldier Boy would go tee-to-toe, and

then fcking Butcher jumps into and it becomes a three-way fight to a stop essentially, where it gets chased off," Smith stated on his Fatman Beyond podcast.

"What is the name of that actor?" Antony Starr deserves at least an Emmy nomination, if not a win.