Kim Convicted Of Allowing Khloe To Have Khloe's Trauma to Carry The Kardashians

Fans are calling out Kim Kardashian for hiding her private life, but Khloe Kardashian was able to share hers on The Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian has seen a lot over the years. For a time, rumors circulated about Kim's crumbling marriage with Kanye West.

Kim filed for divorce in early 2021. Kanye wasn't happy with this decision and made it clear via social media that he was not happy about the news.

He also revealed personal information about his family which was dangerous for Kim and their four children.

The situation got more complicated when Kim began dating Pete Davidson, his ex-boyfriend.

This was not shown on The Kardashians. Kim's life is pretty perfect, aside from the Roblox sex tape scandal. 

Fans have witnessed the rollercoaster ride Khloe had with Tristan Thompson, as well as the ups-and-downs and back-and-forths.

Two episodes of season 1 focused on the scandalous paternity revelations by Tristan Thompson and its impact on Khloe.

The drama continued in The Kardashians season 2, when Tristan, the Good American founder, showed Khloe's newborn son to the cameras.