Kim Kardashian's fame stems from her work ethic'

The 41-year-old businesswoman has become famous worldwide since her appearance on her family's reality TV show, 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'. 

Gunnar Peterson believes that Kim is a hard worker to get her success.

He stated: "People don't realize that they're extremely hard-working and if you apply your work ethic to everything and you'll be able to achieve success."

Gunnar has also stated Gunnar also revealed that Kim and her sibling Khloe are hard workers at the gym too.

He said that reality stars are devoted to their fitness routines.

He explained to Us Weekly: "It's not about the exercise itself It's about the level of intensity. 

Both of them are dedicated and put everything into their training. That's the reason why their family is so successful."

Kim earlier stated that she doesn't care about what people are saying about her.

The brunette beauty reacted against her critics, saying her talents lie within "marketing as well as the business of the selling of products".