Kurt Russell Saved Kevin Costner's Movie

Wyatt Earp could have been a great movie, considering how well-known Kevin Costner was at that time. 

The Kurt Russell-directed Tombstone film would be released months later

which would have a major impact on Costner's portrayal of the character as well as the film. 

Russell would win the battle of Westerns. Wyatt Earp came out six months later than Tombstone. 

It featured Kevin Costner as the titular character, which was then filled by Kurt Russell. 

The film was a disappointment in comparison to its direct competition. 

Wyatt Earp earned $55.9 million from the box office, despite a $63 million budget. 

However, the audience rating for Wyatt Earp is 61%. 

This is a far cry from Tombstone, which has a 74% "certified fresh" critic rating and an audience rating of 94%. Russell beats Kevin Costner in the battle of Kurt Russell.