LeBron James has difficulties ahead before making Dwayne Johnson money on Instagram

LeBron James and Dwayne Johnson are two of the most respected figures in their respective fields.

Both men have achieved great success and have millions upon millions of fans around the globe.

The NBA legend is far behind 'The Most Electrifying Men in Sports Entertainment' on Instagram.

A team from Zavvi used an Instagram earnings calculator by calculating how much each actor could make from a sponsored post based on their engagement rate and number of followers.

Zavvi compiled a list of the 5 most influential athletes on Instagram after conducting extensive research.

Here's the list of top 5 most influential actor athletes and their earnings via Instagram: Dwayne Johnson (@823,210), LeBron Jam ($333,829)

Jason Statham (81,136), Shaquille Ol'Neal (68,100) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (59,600).

Their findings show that Dwayne Johnson, also known as "The Rock", is not only ahead of LeBron.

According to this website's research, The Rock makes more than twice the amount that the NBA legend earns via Instagram.