Legacies Get Canceled After Four Seasons, Ending The Vampire Diaries Saga 

Legacies are getting canceled at The CW which puts a cap on The Vampire Diaries. 

The series has been a huge success for 13 years. 

Building of the world as well as the addition of a myriad of iconic super-natural characters  

The Vampire Diaries' vast universe has come to an end by the end of Legacies.  

The fan-favorite show is one of the latest victims of the network's massive departure of shows.  

There is no plan to create spinoffs within the universe that is The Vampire Diaries 

The end of Legacies will end the blood-sucking franchise 

The original series was launched in 2009 and enjoyed an extremely successful run before closing with The CW in 2017 after eight seasons.  

Its first spinoff The Originals, ran from 2013 to 2018, with five seasons that were it's own. 

After that, Legacies was spawned, however, it seems that it will be the shortest  

the time span of the three series when it airs the series finale on the network in June. 

“Legacies” was set in The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted.  

It tells the ongoing story of a new generation of supernatural students as they learn their powers 

what it means to be special in a society that wouldn’t understand their gifts.