Leslie Grace Turns Down Batgirl's New Deal

Leslie Grace apparently declined the deal with Warner Bros Discovery for new projects together with Batgirl. 

In business, world management has to make executive decisions that have ripple impacts. 

The majority of the time those who do the groundwork feel the most impact of these changes.

Similar to the decision taken by the top management to revamp DC Films projects. 

Certain projects were ruined by these changes and Batgirl as well as Scoob! Holiday Haunt are two of them.

Warner Bros. Discovery Director David Zaslav has stated that they will not launch the film until it's completed.

This latest announcement is an important step toward the 10-year plan that is being developed by DC Films plan which emulates the model of Marvel Studios has done. 

The company is evaluating every option to go forward, and what it will help make their films more effective.

The news does not ease the people who had been eagerly anticipating Batgirl for the very first time.