The Miz Announces Logan Paul as His WrestleMania Partner Theey will face-off against duo Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

Logan Paul and The Miz shook the WWE community earlier this week when The Miz announced the social media superstar to be his tag team partner.

In the past few years, Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul have proved that they deserve a spot in the world of combat sports.

Having both competed against some of the greatest fighters in the world, it comes as no surprise that Logan has announced his involvement with the WWE.

On Monday Night Raw, The Miz introduced the crowd to Logan Paul, his tag team partner for WrestleMania 38. The pair will take on father-son duo Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

While the Mysterios tried to put a stop to the announcement, Logan and The Miz gave the crowd a teaser of what to expect in a Paul/The Miz beatdown on the Mysterios duo.

At one point, Logan put Dominik Mysterio in a headlock, seemingly enjoying the moment.

WrestleMania is just a month away and will happen between April 2 and 3.