Lorde claims she was forced to delete her Instagram post

Lorde claims she was forced to delete her Instagram post because it violated New Zealand election rules

The 25-year old - born Marijalani Yelich-O'Connor who is known as the nation's most popular pop star,

retracted an email to the 9.5 million Instagram followers that she had posted to support Labour city councilor Efeso Collins for the Auckland mayoral race.

She stated: "I'm proud to be in the race to vote for Efeso Collins for the position of Mayor of Auckland. 

The turnout in local government is always low - be active to show that your community is in need of you."

But she allegedly violated the local electoral law's guidelines for interfering with or informing voters through the use of a photograph of a ballot paper that had the number one in front of Efeso's name.

Auckland-born "Green Light" singer Lorde is believed to be with her partner in the music industry, Justin Warren, 42, posted the video she posted on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday  

in which she wrote: "Okay so the Electoral Commission warned me that it's not permitted to share any information on whom you'll decide to vote for or even show the results of your vote on papers.

She included the hashtag "vote for vote vote to vote" in the Instagram story.