Lorraine Kelly shares 1.5st weight loss tips and offers 'dead simple' advice

Lorraine Kelly is happier and healthier after starting a weight-loss journey.

After gaining weight during the pandemic, ITV's breakfast host was unhappy with her appearance.

WW, formerly Weight Watchers has partnered with her to lose some weight.

The broadcaster from Glasgow has shared her "dead easy" tips to help her achieve her remarkable weight loss.

Lorraine, 62 has lost her ideal weight. She went from being a size 14 and is now a comfortable 10!

Lorraine recommends making small changes in your routine and diet. She also suggests walking 10,000 steps per day. Lorraine walks her dog, Angus.

Steve and I would share a huge, large chocolate plate every evening. It was initially small, but it grew to be huge!

"I was consuming unhealthy food and going through packets of biscuits. I was not doing as much exercise or eating mindlessly but instead eating for the enjoyment of eating.

Lorraine says she isn't boring with dieting, and that she still enjoys food and drinks, especially on weekends. Lorraine says that she lost weight using the WW app and 10,000 steps per day.