MacKenzie Scott divorced her second husband

According to The New York Times, MacKenzie Scott is divorcing Dan Jewett, her second husband. Scott and Jewett were married in 2021. 

Jewett was a former science teacher. 

The Times reported that Jewett had been silently removed from Scott's online posts regarding her philanthropic efforts,

including the Giving Pledge website and a Medium post about charitable giving. 

According to Bloomberg's Billionaires Index, Scott is worth $27.8 Billion. Scott divorced Bezos in 2019. She became a billionaire on her own. 

This was mainly due to her 3% Amazon stake. Jewett was a chemistry teacher at Lakeside School in Seattle, where Scott and Jewett were married. 

Scott and Jewett were married in March 2021. It was announced via a posting on the Giving Pledge's website -- 

Jewett had signed up to Scott's promise to give at least half of her wealth during her lifetime, or shortly after her passing. 

Jewett wrote "I am married to one of the most generous, kind, and caring people I know" and accompanied it by a photo of Scott.