Marc Anthony announces his engagement to Nadia Ferreira... with a message for Jennifer Lopez? 

The model posted a photo on her social media 

Marc Anthony is once again engaged with a fashion model Nadia Ferreira, who was in charge of making the engagement via social media,  

though an unimportant detail made the people who followed the couple recall the ex-wife of the singer, Jennifer Lopez. 

Ferreira announced her commitment to Anthony in public the posts on her Instagram stories,  

where she posted a picture of their hands intertwined in order to display the stunning diamond ring she was given by Anthony, the singer. 

But, the image provoked controversy since a minor aspect caught the eye of fans and followers and J-Lo's supporters. 

Marc Anthony's tattoo, which is a reminder of Jennifer Lopez 

It's about the tattoo the singer Marc Anthony has on his left finger which is a ring.  

The reason for this is that the singer was tattooed with an eagle, symbolizing the wedding ring he got on his finger after the couple got married in 2004.