Margot Robbie's Latest Movie Shut Down By The Police

Margot Robbie was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this evening to serve Jimmy Fallon fairy bread

singing Happy Birthday to the host in front of viewers, as well as then talking about how her film Amsterdam was stopped by police. 

The way Robbie describes it is that on the final day of filming for the film, 

they were running out of their filming permit, and Pasadena police arrived at the location to force them to close it. 

The funniest thing was that Robbie observed that the policewoman was trying to come up with words like "wrap" to convince people to take it down 

which is exactly the situation that occurred when she finally received the call at her. 

Since the film set is commonplace in everyday living within Los Angeles, it's no surprise that police arrived to shut down the set after the permit expired. 

The reality is that when you've got Margot Robbie Christian Bale and David O. 

Russell trying to make a film such as Amsterdam however, they aren't exempt from the restrictions for filming permits.