Mark Cuban's advice to his younger self and for anyone new to the field"Learn to "be an effective salesperson

Every person learns important lessons during the beginning of their career. 

These include the right time to quit a job and how to get a raise, and how to craft a well-organized email.

However, Mark Cuban said his first jobs taught him the most crucial lesson in his life in the art of selling. 

In an article on TikTok post in March, the billionaire shared that the School of Hard Knocks that should he go back to the past 

and say to himself one thing is to follow the path that he's following as well "be a salesperson."

"I would go back and do the exact same thing I did," Cuban declared on the clip.

"Once you learn how to sell, you can always start a business [because] you're an entrepreneur at heart."

Cuban has been open about his journey through the ranks to become famous and follow his fortune.