Mark Hoppus Makes Surprise Appearance at Pop-Punk Band's Show

The blink-182 co-founder who had last year battled cancer took the stage 

alongside fellow pop-punks Beauty School Dropout during the growing band's August. 17 concert in Los Angeles' Moroccan Lounge.

The surprise appearance took place during the performance by Beauty School Dropout of their track "Almost Famous," 

which also includes Hoppus on the version recorded by the studio as well as being part of the Beauty School Dropouts We made Plans, as well as God, Laughed available on this Friday (Aug. 19.).

Both Billboard and a fan account claimed that it was Hoppus his first time on stage since January 2020. 

However, Hoppus actually made his first appearance on the stage following cancer treatment at blink-182 drummer Travis Barer's "House of Horrors" event the night before Halloween.

Whatever the case, earlier this week Hoppus declared his desire to begin a brand new chapter for blink-182.

Of course, what people would like to see is Hoppus's desire to return to his first creative collaborator in the group, singer and guitar player Tom DeLonge.