Marvel Legend Says Harry Styles Character Won't Work For A Gross Reason

Harry Styles broke his way into the MCU as Eros in The Eternals,

however, the person who created the character claims that the character won't be successful, since Eros is known as a "sociopath" and "sexual predator." 

Marvel has definitely not had any issues changing their characters in previous years, and so it's likely that the story of Eros's origins could be changed. 

But sexual predators in the comics currently in live-action films could result in some issues.

Jim Starlin who is who is the author of Eros has openly talked about Eros' weaknesses. 

He spoke about the difficulties Marvel could face if they allow Eros to be a character in live-action. According to Starling:

"Eros is, on the other hand, is interesting. I don't know what they'll accomplish with him.

I kind of abandoned him as a psychopath and he's a bit of sexually predatory."