Marvel Reaffirms The One Thing That Can Actually kill the Hulk

It's not a fact there is no doubt that Hulk is among the most powerful entities that exist in the Marvel Universe

just because he's powerful on a global scale does not mean that he's invincible- and Marvel Comics affirms the only thing that can make him a victim. 

Bruce Banner, aka Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk became"gamma mutate" after being bombarded by a deadly dose of radiation. 

In lieu of killing him however the radiation permanently changed his DNA, transforming the Hulk into a monster capable of unimaginable destruction on a global scale. 

Although the Hulk has been a cult Marvel Comics character for decades the fullest strength of his powers was not fully understood prior to World War Hulk 

where the Hulk is at war with his fellow heroes on Earth after being taken from into the universe by the Illuminati. 

The storyline showcased Hulk taking on the power created by Black Bolt's planet-destroying voice surpassing the strength of Doctor Strange's spells and even defeating Sentry in a one-on-1 battle. 

But, despite all those achievements that the Hulk has achieved 

however, there's an individual hero (or antihero) that has the ability required to take him down completely and forever-and the Hulk is aware of it.