Matt Duff, erco-creator of Stranger Things, responds to Millie Bobby Brown’s criticisms of the show

Millie Bobby Brown's critique of Stranger Things has been addressed by the writers of Stranger Things.

Brown, Eleven's character on the series, candidly criticized its creators, The Duffer brothers, for being "sensitive Sallies", in regard to killing of characters.

Many shared Brown's comments after the conclusion of season four. This was due to the fact all the main heroes survived, despite fans believing one would die.

Brown said in the video to TheWrap: "It is way too large.

We couldn't take even one group photo last night because there were 50 of us. "You should start killing people," I thought.

"The Duffer brothers, two sensitive Sallies who don't want anyone to die off, are the Duffer brothers.

We must be Game of Thrones. It is important to think like Game of Thrones.

He demanded that the creators "kill" him, adding: "They tried to kill David [Harbour] off, and they brought them back. It's ridiculous."

Matt Duffer, defeated, replied to the comments made by the Duffer brothers during their appearance on Happy Sad Confused.