Matthew McConaughey Facing Sad Career News amid Disturbing Revelations about His Movie

Recently, Matthew McConaughey was announced to star in the new sports movie "Dallas Sting". 

Deadline reports that the movie will be based upon a true story of a Dallas high school girls soccer team who went to China in 1984 to beat some of the top teams in the world.

Skydance would produce the film and Kari Skogland, a Canadian director, would direct it.

Bill Kinder, the coach for the girls' soccer team, was to be played by McConaughey.

Kinder expressed excitement at the possibility of being portrayed by McConaughey on the big screen, telling NBC in august,

"I think he is a great choice because he’s a fantastic actor, and he won’t have to work with his accent!"

McConaughey, "Dallas Sting"'s" other cast members and crew received some disappointing news.

This was largely due to disturbing allegations about Kinder.