MCU fans are concerns about Disney Plus' worst decision ever

Disney Plus could be an ideal paradise for parents. 

It's filled with family-friendly menus that can keep kids entertained for many hours. 

It's a great gift. But there's one show that's making parents angry due to its lack of autoplay I am Groot.

Over on the subreddit, r/Marvelstudios parents are unhappy about how the series doesn't include an autoplay feature. 

I am Groot is a series of five shorts that are based on the story of Baby Groot and his adventures between the two episodes of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

They are just five or six minutes long, but viewers have to manually search for the next episode as they play. 

This isn't a good thing for parents who wish to relax and watch the show and not worry over watching the TV."

The reality that the show I Am Groot does not come with an individual television show that autoplay is an issue for parents with little one," said OF 9th.

The highest-rated reviewer agreed. "I had to stop watching after the first episode because of that," said Cabamacadaf.